Who Should Wear Compression

Who Should Wear Compression Wear: Everyone Who Wants Fresh Legs

Compression socks are effective in minimizing symptoms related to venous insufficiency, when blood flows the wrong direction across one-way valves in the legs. Anyone who spends prolonged periods of time standing, sitting, traveling on airplanes or in vehicles, or anyone who experiences heavy, achy or restless legs should wear compression socks every day. You don’t need visual signs of vein disease to enjoy the benefits of compression therapy. Even fit athletes engage in the daily use of compression.

People with visible signs of venous insufficiency (such as varicose veins, ankle swelling, or skin discoloration in the lower third of the legs) should wear compression stockings to minimize the progression of these problems.

During pregnancy, a woman’s blood volume increases, which places higher pressure on the veins. Many pregnant women develop venous insufficiency (a problem where blood flows in the wrong direction across one-way valves in the veins) and this can lead to swollen, achy legs during the later stages of pregnancy and after delivery.